21 Savage: ‘ICE revenge after slammed on new music’

21 Savage and his supporters believe that ICE are after him as a revenge because he slammed them on new song “A Lot” that condemned the behavior of immigration officials.

21 Savage arrested by ICE over expired Visa

According to TMZ, 21’s people just released a stinging statement in which they clearly think ICE’s motives are corrupt.

“Many have speculated as to possible ulterior motives for his arrest and detention, including that he released music five days prior to his arrest by ICE, which included new lyrics condemning the behavior of immigration officials for their detention of children at the border.”

The song contains these lyrics, “Been through some things so I can’t imagine my kids stuck at the border. Flint still need water. People was innocent, couldn’t get lawyers.

21 performed it on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon at the end of Jan.

ICE claimed that the rapper persona is totally false after his arrest on Sunday in Atlanta.