17-Year-Old girl reveal on how she and her aunt raped by known thugs

A 17-year-old teen reveal on how she and her aunt, 24, were terrorised by a gang of rapists.

They were both raped last month and the rapists are still walking the street of Soshanguve.

The aunt said she was attacked at night.

The teenager said: “I lost my virginity to these gangsters, who took turns raping me.”

She told the SunTeam five men kidnapped her during the day. She said the men dragged her to the bushes, fired a gun in the air and told her to keep quiet.

“After raping me, they dumped me on the roadside without shoes or trousers,” said the girl.

The aunt said they attacked her and her boyfriend in the middle of the night.

“They tied up my boyfriend and took turns raping me,” she said.

The women’s gogo said the police had failed them as the rapists were walking freely.

Gauteng police spokesman Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said: “It’s vital for the victims to urgently contact the investigating officer if they know the suspects, or their whereabouts.”

Peters said no arrests had been made yet and asked the victims to come forward with all the information they had.