15-year-old girl admits kidnapping post of Facebook was fake

A teenager, 15, who was trending a couple days ago after allegedly abducted in Makhanda after Facebook post has admitted the post was fake, police said on Monday.

According to News24, Captain Mali Govender said this development followed an intense investigation.

“A case of defeating the ends of justice has been opened for investigation and the suspect has been taken into custody. She will appear in court early this week,” added Govender.

On Sunday, News24 reported the girl was sent to a shop in Joza by her grandmother.

In the post, according to Govender, the teen said she was on her way to the shop when a silver-grey Avanza, which had no number plates, stopped next to her. A woman and two men who had Zulu accents were in the vehicle.

The occupants asked for directions to Extension 7 and, after showing them, they allegedly asked her to get into the vehicle with them.

“She got inside the vehicle. They then drove with her toward Ntsika High School and at the robot, she asked them where they are going. She was ordered to shut up.”

Govender added the vehicle allegedly stopped at an unknown place and the teen said she was forced inside the boot where she saw another girl.